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Welcome To Weston Conferences!

Weston Conferences! the world’s most predominant organization in delivering and discovering the latest research innovations in all fields to every corner of the globe. Our utmost enhanced and modernized smart platform, upholds the high standard top-quality conferences at various multicultural international venues throughout the year. Our collaboration with various international universities, organizations and research centers build a vast networking globally and sprout a creative approach in finding research inventions.

We are continuously dedicated and uncompromised in bridging social gaps and showcasing future breakthroughs, thereby becoming the most significant pioneers of the world. We rather stream into all sectors of the academia emphasizing mainly into technology and scientific arenas. With over 1000+ subscribers, 550+ collaborators and 60+ country participants we are gratified in organizing the best international conferences all over the world.

Our VISION is to liquify the gaps of research knowledge and uncover innovations to strengthen all the communities of mankind globally. Weston United Group is mainly aimed at flawless networking of all professionals in a particular field and spur their academia to greater heights all over the world.

Our success comes from the minds of people. We construct the conference platform from the perspective of attendee thinking and mingle with ongoing market research, therefore exploring the remarkable and valuable research findings for the delegates who are attending our conferences. We are proud to say that our unique concept in conducting conferences brings you worthful benefits and heartful satisfaction for our global attendees.

                                                 Educate Innovate and Motivate

Our MISSION is to help millions of scientists, doctorates, professionals and students to access new research outcomes in their respective field and sharpen themselves to dispense knowledge for next generations.

We organize a wide array of top international conferences throughout the year covering all streams of Engineering, Medical, Technology, Arts and Business professions. Our years of proficiency and expertise in this field is a launchpad in steering distinct workshops, symposiums, special sessions, B2B meetings, panel discussions and exhibitions to all academic and business professionals.

We are seamlessly committed to gather world renowned scientists, global eminent industry experts in all streams of events, where you can create and exchange your research ideas, discuss thoughts, meet your peers face to face and magnify professional networking for your career growth globally. Undoubtedly, this is the platform which gives you a great knowledge with intense research discussions and reach your expectations with our high-quality budget friendly conferences every year.

Be the first of all to hear about the latest developments, discover stimulating case studies and future global research discoveries in all subjects on our unique Weston Conferences podium.

Distinctive Features

Our unique program concepts that sets us apart from the rest


We prioritize discussions on talks to understand the concepts clearly and apply to your academics and research projects.


Get recognized and connected globally by showcasing your research projects and boost support for your future discoveries.


This include sessions with various kinds of puzzle questions and fun games to improve your knowledge and collaborations.


This innovative concept is to ask questions on theme of the conference and fill your knowledge gaps in the specialty.


Our free recruitment services re-invent your professional and research career globally by guidance from subject matter experts.


Invest in right place to initiate and promote your innovative startups. Get exposed in no time from our global media support.


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